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Lodge 149

ODNR Safety Forces

This is a FOP Lodge of commissioned officers with ODNR Division of Parks & Watercraft



This lodge was formed:

  • For the purposes of bettering existing conditions as they affect the commissioned ODNR Officer.

  • For the advance of social, charitable, and educational undertakings of the commissioned ODNR Officer.

  • For the enforcement of all rules, and regulations, and ORC Laws in a uniform manner as they relate to State Personnel and the general public, and their application to the commissioned ODNR Officer.

  • To insure that all laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, and policies protecting or affecting the commissioned ODNR Officer are upheld.

  • To assist the commissioned ODNR Officer of this Lodge who are suspended, dismissed, relieved of duty, and with any other grievance without justification.

  • To protect the constitutional rights of the commissioned ODNR Officer.

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